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As an experienced teacher, I welcome anyone to contact me for lessons, masterclasses or workshops. Whether you want to improve your technique, performance or interpretation; I can help you achieve your goals! Lessons are available for both euphonium and other brass instruments of all levels and ages. Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information. Group lessons are also possible.

Private Lessons

During a private lesson, we will work on etudes, orchestral excerpts, classical pieces or anything you want to play! For beginners we will start to work with method books as a guide. But don't worry! The lessons will not be boring with many techniques and excercises that are much more fun than any book can provide. When you get more advanced, we will take solo pieces or orchestral works you might need help with, and put the accumulated skills to the test. But ultimately, the goal is to make music and have fun. After a few years you wil have the ability to play the pieces you like without much trouble, and still then we will find details to work out. We will always discuss the music first and then the techniques to achieve your personal expression!


Starting soon, I will give some workshops for all musicans to learn everything you need to know about stage performances. How do you walk/sit/stand on stage? Where do you put your stand? How do you present yourself or your program? And more importantly: How do you deal with being nervous before or during your performance? The goal of the workshop is to get more comfortable on stage, so your hard work of practice is not held back by any exteriour tensions. 

The workshop is available as a class with 10 meetings, or as a one day (6 hour) workshop. In both cases there is a minimal attendance of 10 people, and a maximum attendance of 25 people. 


Since a few years, I give masterclasses all over the world, and these bring great energy to people attending. You can book me for masterclasses of all types and durations; from large brass ensembles to private teaching students at a school or conservatory. The masterclasses are an abbreviated version of my lessons and workshops, and are meant to gain significant improvements for your students in the available time. It is also possible to book solo performances with piano or orchestra together with a masterclass. You can only book masterclasses from me directly, through the contact page on this website.

Masterclasses with many young euphonium
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